Help to volunteer

Help to volunteer

We’ve been busy making changes to the way we connect you with organisations looking for volunteers.

We’ve now launched our own volunteering search platformOur platform is brand new and we’re still setting ourselves up. So, please be patient with us if a webpage isn’t working. We will fix it very soon. 


Volunteering search platform

Our volunteering search platform lets you to search over 150 volunteer opportunities with organisations across Sussex.

You can either look at all the opportunities available, or refine your search based on your interests, activities you want to do, your availability, your age, or your postcode.

Once you’ve found a volunteer opportunity you like the look of, and once you’ve created an account to enable you to do so, you can simply register your interest in that opportunity.

Once you’ve registered your interest in a volunteer opportunity, the organisation advertising the opportunity will receive an email with your details. They’ll then get in touch with you to let you know what will happen next.


We're here to help you

We can help you with any problems you have using our platform to search for a volunteer opportunity.

We can also help you with any questions you might have about volunteering, or looking for a volunteer opportunity. We can give you confidential, email and telephone support:

  • on how to search for volunteer opportunities online
  • to answer any questions or worries you might have about volunteering
  • to help you to make a decision about what volunteer opportunity is right for you
  • to discuss any other volunteering-related questions you have

If you’d like help, get in touch with us on or 01273 234826.

We’re open for enquiries by phone or email from Monday-Thursday. We aim to respond to all enquiries within seven working days.


Young people and volunteering

If you’re a young person looking to volunteer, try searching on vInspired or get in touch with us on or 01273 234826


Can't find what you want?

If you’ve searched for a volunteer opportunity but still can’t find what you want, you could:

  • go direct to an organisation. Many organisations don’t advertise through us, but might advertise on their own website
  • be bold. Contact an organisation and offer your skills. They may not know that they need you yet!
  • look in libraries, community and learning centres. Often organisations will advertise volunteer opportunities there
  • follow us on twitter or like us on facebook. We regularly post new volunteer opportunities from our website on there

We may be able to help you with your search, or give you ideas of other places to look. So get in touch with us  on or 01273 234826.