Volunteering for everyone

Volunteering is a great place to meet people, exchange ideas, break down barriers and get to know each other. It plays a vital role in removing barriers and making our communities a better place to be.

However, some people, for any number of reasons may find it difficult to volunteer. They may find that accessing volunteering is too complicated and they need some extra support. They may not know about you. They may not know that they are welcome to come and volunteer with you.

If you want to make your volunteering roles more accessible, you may need to take some changes to how you involve and support volunteers. To ensure that your volunteering opportunities open to everyone, think about what changes you can make.

  • What adjustments can you make?
  • Can your roles be adapted or is there potential for new roles?
  • Are there new ways and places to advertise that you have not tried of before?
  • Talk to people about want from their volunteering
  • Show people that they are welcome to volunteer with you

Benefits of more inclusive volunteering

Being more inclusive and opening up your volunteering opportunities will add a lot to benefit your activities and organisation.

Increased inclusion and diversity will result in

  • New ways of thinking and new approaches
  • Bringing in new and different skills
  • New information and knowledge  brought to your organisation
  • Increase the range of your activities
  • Increase the quality of your work
  • Allowing you to reach new people who will benefit from your work.

More information is available on our Inclusion pages