Write a recruitment message

The key to successful volunteer recruitment is figuring out what you have to offer the volunteer and selling it. Ask your current volunteers what they get out of volunteering. Try to find something unique about your organisation and then make sure you mention it prominently in your recruitment publicity drive.

Many adverts for volunteers make the mistake of talking about the group or organisation and what it needs. At best those adverts simply blend in with all the other similarly worded adverts. At worst they ignore the fact that volunteers come to you because of something they want, not something you want.

Successful volunteer recruitment messages should be built around four basic marketing principles. These are:

  • Awareness: what is the need your organisation is addressing?
  • Interest: how are you addressing the need?
  • Desire: what makes volunteering with you attractive?
  • Action: what should your audience do next?

Keep your message succinct with short sentences and paragraphs.