Recruitment opportunities

To really increase circulation of publicity, and open up your opportunity to as many people as possible, it is both useful and important to use a combination of recruitment portals which help you to target and reach the right volunteers for your activity.

  • Your local volunteer centre website
  • National websites such as Do-it and Reach
  • Social media
  • Local newsletters – paper and electronic
  • Posters and leaflets put up at local community venues and facilities
  • Local classifieds such as Gumtree and Friday ad and local employment websistes
  • Professional sites for targetted volunteering recruitment
  • Local support organisations supporting less engaged communities
  • Local newspapers and magazines – advertise or publises yourself through a press release or local interest story or local or national awareness days.
  • Don’t forget the power of ‘word of mouth’. This is still one of the more effective recruitment tools available to you. Volunteers who have a good experience with you will tell others that you are a good place to volunteer.
  • Job centre
  • Local colleges, schools and univiersities
  • Youth centres and youth activity programmes

Note: Some of these options may incur a charge.

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Want to increase diversity within your volunteer group?

If you are planning on having a more diverse volunteer base you need to consider:

  • How are where you publicise. Local, national and specific websites
  • Place your opportunity in local spaces – places of worship, community centres, youth clubs.
  • Attend local activities so people become more familiar with you and trust what you are doing.
  • Think about what words or images you use to attract people to your group
  • Think about the different ways you can get people to contact you and how you are going to ‘interview’