Get started

Know your opportunities

  • Be sure your volunteer opportunities are integral to achieving your group or organisations’s aims and objectives
  • Prepare volunteer role descriptions which clearly explain what is involved
  • Acquaint yourself thoroughly with each opportunity, including its purpose, responsibilities, and what the value of the experience is for the volunteer


Create a clear path to your door

  • Put together a process for application and screening and don’t start recruiting until everything is in place
  • Ensure that everyone involved in your organisation knows who to direct enquiries to.
  • Respond promptly. Aim to answer initial enquiries within 24 hours


Make your recruitment messages friendly

  • Produce publicity that answers potential volunteers unspoken question of why should I volunteer for you?
  • In your publicity, answer other typical questions that new recruits ask eg what will I be doing? How often and when and where?
  • Reassure potential volunteers that they will be trained and that you will support them
  • Avoid words like “need” and “desperate”. It scares volunteers away


Get your message out

  • Consider all available methods including word of mouth, leaflets and posters, talks and presentations, local newsletters, websites and local media coverage