Write a role description

Why have a written role description?

  • Gives prospective volunteers the information they need to make a choice
  • Helps you match the right person to the role
  • Encourages you to plan the allocation of work
  • Sets boundaries for the volunteer’s activities and helps them to be clear about their role in the organisation
  • Provides a standard against which to measure performance
  • Demonstrates the value you place on that role

In some situations role descriptions can be adapted to suit the particular needs and interests of individual volunteers or created from scratch to accommodate particular skills being offered.

The aim of role descriptions is to enable people to volunteer not prevent them.

Content of role descriptions

  • Role title
  • Purpose of role
  • Outline of tasks
  • Time commitment
  • Location
  • Support or supervision available
  • Training offered or required
  • Expenses
  • Person Specification eg any skills, qualities or experience required for the role