Trustees, including board members, directors, governors or committee members are vital to the running of  our organisations. They ensure  organisations meet their goals, responsibilities and are fit for purpose.

Like all volunteer roles, it is important to recruit the best people for the positions.  For the same reasons that your volunteer base will benefit from increased diversity, so will your board. In addition to the skills that trustees bring there is the vital ingredient of people’s personal experiences based on a multitude of factors, including and going beyond the protected characteristics identified in the Equality Act 2010.

Currently, the national picture shows:

  • Men outnumber women trustees two to one
  • 92% of trustees are white, older and above average income and education
  • 71% of charity chairs and 68% of charity treasurers are men
  • The average age of trustees is 55-64

(Taken from the Charity Commission Nov 2017)

These statistics from 2017 show that we still have some way to go before the make up of boards reflect our population. As a result, we are missing out on the skills and knowledge of a large number of people who could help lead our organisations into the future.

This means looking more widely to attract the right candidates,  who have something to offer, but may not have considered this role before.

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