Mentoring Programme

Our NCVO approved mentoring programme supports people working or volunteering in voluntary and community organisations by providing one-to-one support from experienced, volunteer mentors. It will help you to improve your practice, develop your leadership skills, and help you to tackle challenging project-management issues.

A mentor will help you to understand your work, and personal aspirations and challenges. They’ll work with you on the real issues and opportunities that you’re facing. They’ll create a climate of openness and trust in which you’re responsible for your learning whilst being supported to grow and to develop.

A mentor will appropriately challenge you in order to help you problem solve, overcome barriers, and to develop your own inner mentor.


Mentoring can help you to develop

  • your organisation: it can increase your skills and help you to build your organisation’s resilience for times of change
  • leadership skills: it can help you to survive and negotiate change, strengthen your organisation’s governance or leadership, or make plans to grow a service or to work more collaboratively with others
  • personally: it can help you to develop new skills and build your confidence

“I have been through a lot of change as an organisation and have been provided with support from various places. I got the best value and support from my mentor and this mentoring programme.”

“The one-to-one support with my mentor and meeting other mentees through this mentoring programme has been some of the most useful support I have received.”


Get involved

To participate in our mentoring programme, you will need:

  • to be working or volunteering for a voluntary or community organisation in Brighton, Hove, Adur or Worthing who is a member of ours
  • to have a particular challenge, issue or skills development need
  • the endorsement of your management committee or chair of your organisation, supervisor or line manager
  • to commit to a minimum of one meeting a month with your mentor, and up to nine meetings during the programme
  • to attend sessions relevant to the running of the programme: information drop-in, matching event, development session and celebration event

How to apply

Our programme is up and running for this year. We will next be recruiting in Spring 2019. Please get in touch with us on the details below if you have any questions.


Find out more

You can get in touch with us on or 01273 234031 or read more about the programme:


A huge thank you

We’d like to thank our dedicated team of volunteer mentors who give their time and expertise willingly and freely.

We’d also like to thank our programme volunteer, who helps us co-ordinate and develop the programme.

Because of their commitment and contributions we’re able to provide our mentoring programme to an approved standard.