We can match you with a local business who has volunteered to give their professional skills for free to local voluntary and community organisations.

What is business skills volunteering?

We seek out and recruit local businesses that want to give back to the local community. The businesses we work with recognise the important role of voluntary and community organisations, and want to contribute to their sustainability. They do this by volunteering their professional skills to voluntary and community organisations on a particular project.


What we do

We match businesses with suitable organisations for maximum impact. Since 2012 we have brokered help from local businesses worth over £210,000.

If you’re an organisation who feels they could benefit from the help of a local business, we can help make this a reality.


“I can’t praise the service we got from Martin Searle highly enough. Thanks to everyone involved in this project. It is so difficult for voluntary sector organisations to get good advice from professionals without it costing sums they can’t afford. Thanks to Community Works for an uncomplicated efficient scheme.”
Dee Simson, Java Cafe Woodingdean



Criteria you'll need to meet

To help us to match you with a local business, you must be able to demonstrate that your organisation meets the following criteria:

  • is a member of ours (contact us if you are unsure about your organisation’s membership status, or find out more about membership with us)
  • the majority of the people who benefit from your activities must live in the local areas we work in
  • you’re unable to pay for the help you are looking for
  • you’ve a clearly defined and time-limited project in mind, seeking up to approximately 5 days help
  • someone from your organisation who is able to make decisions is available to work with the business throughout all stages of the project


The type of help businesses give

Possible projects include:

  • advice on employment contracts or producing your staff handbook
  • drawing up of architectural plans
  • advice on building projects
  • advice on compliance with charity law
  • advice on the best legal structure for your organisation
  • design of a new, or revamp of an existing, website
  • design of an app
  • help with your digital media strategy
  • graphic design work eg on a logo or your annual report
  • and lots more

We’re currently working with over 20 businesses and we’re recruiting all the time, so if we don’t currently have a business who can meet your need, we’ll seek to recruit one.


Find out more and apply

If you have a support need that might be met through partnership with a business, please tell us more via a short email to or to discuss your idea please call 01273 234023.