Community Food and Support for our Neighbours

Adur & Worthing Community Food Network

The Community Food network is made up of a variety of groups and organisations who work together to coordinate food provision and support for our neighbours in Adur & Worthing

Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, the network meet bi-weekly to update each other, network and develop shared approaches, share learning and resources, brainstorm ideas to help each other, and provide mutual support.


We’re recruiting a
Food Partnership Administrator
in Adur & Worthing

Closing date: 24 August


A variety of projects of all shapes and sizes regularly attend these meetings, some provide weekly parcels and have created community cafes, others provide food on school holidays and throw community food events for neighbours.

If you are working with a project who are supporting your neighbourhood with emergency food then you are very welcome to join the conversation.

Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, there are also training opportunities for both staff and volunteers who commit to taking part in the Adur & Worthing Community Food Network.

If you would like to join this network and/or the e-list where we share information, or simply find out more, please email Sarah (the Food Partnership Development Coordinator at Community Works)


The organisations that take an active part in the Adur & Worthing Community Food Network are:

  • Adur Community Café
  • Adur & Worthing Council
  • Broadwater Support Group
  • Community House (Worthing Homes)
  • Lancing and Sompting Food Bank
  • Food Pioneers
  • Gateway Hub
  • Fishersgate Lighthouse Church
  • Maybridge Community Church
  • Turning Tides
  • Shoreham Food Bank
  • St. Matthews Church
  • West Sussex County Council
  • Worthing Seventh Day Adventist
  • Worthing Food Foundation
  • Worthing Vegan Food Bank
  • Worthing Soup Kitchen


Coming together to address Food Poverty in Adur and Worthing

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that our local food system was neither equitable or sustainable, and while lots of good work was happening, it was often fragmented and reactive with lots of overlap.

In response, the Community Food groups, local Charities, Adur & Worthing Council Officers, West Sussex County Council Officers and Community Works came together back in January to talk about preventing people entering food poverty and better ways to support people out of food poverty (you can see the notes here). Even more people joined in March to talk about how we could organise (see here) and what our purpose and aims were (click here).

At the last meeting we reflected on what we wanted to experience in the alliance and what the inspiring possibilities of those experiences would be (see here).

The groups next step will be coming together to review our declarations of possibility (mission/vision) and work out what other people and organisations we would like to invite to the conversation.

If you would like to help inform and work toward proactive approaches to addressing food need in Adur & Worthing and contribute your thoughts and ideas and experience and talents to help inform this work going forward, we would love to have you there.

This Alliance is being made possible by the National Lottery Communities Fund.

Please email Sarah (the Food Partnership Development Coordinator at Community Works) to find out more.