Thriving Connections

What is Thriving Connections?

Thriving Connections is a short piece of work in Worthing/Adur, focusing on ways that loneliness and social isolation might be tackled in a more innovative way.

We are a partnership of organisations (a senior partnership formed by Health, West Sussex County Council and Adur & Worthing Councils) with the aim of understanding how different generations might be able to connect with each other to help them thrive.

What is our short-term aim?

In the short term, we are specifically exploring connecting children aged 5-11 without a positive role model (or children with family pressures) with older generations who have time and experiences to share in Adur and Worthing.

We want to test the assumption that children and older generations would both benefit from spending time together, using community spaces.

With that aim in mind, we have specific milestones to conduct our research:

  • Recruitment: by 19 October we will need to have already identified a place or places around a primary school, focusing on children aged 5-11 (their families)and older people.
  • Interviews / group sessions: by 25 November we will need to have conducted one hour one-to-one interviews and / or group sessions with primary school teachers, families/children that meet the profile description and other people in the community, who we can learn from.

How can you help us?

We are looking for your help with the recruitment process. We will then schedule 1 hour group session and / or one-to-one interviews with them.

We would really appreciate if you could connect us with any of the profiles listed below, before 19 October.

  • Families and children aged 5-11, under pressure
  • Primary school teachers / staff who interact daily with families and children under pressure
  • Other people in the community who work with young children and older generations who we can learn from

 Please email your responses to Janice at:

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