Support to refugees, including the people of Ukraine

We are very aware of and distressed by the plight of Ukrainians both in and outside of Ukraine at this time, but we would also like to stress that there are refugees from many other countries whose difficult situations continue despite the current media and public focus. These include many in the city who remain extremely vulnerable.

For more information about groups supporting all refugees and how you can help go to

City of Sanctuary

Local Organisation Sussex Interpreting Service have also put together a page of resources, many in Ukrainian, to support Ukrainian Refugees

West Sussex County Council have a page of information regarding refugee resettlement here

Brighton and Hove City Council have further information here

How you can support the people of Ukraine

Donate money

Cash donations to established organisations is currently the best way to help. Donate money to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), who coordinate 15 charities such as the Red Cross and Save the Children, already working on the ground and who can make an immediate difference by buying what is needed.

There are many other established organisations who have launched appeals who you may wish to consider. These include the UN Refugee Agency, UNICEF (the UN’s children’s charity) and Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB).

There are also smaller organisations such as British-Ukrainian Aid who have launched an appeal and are prioritising medical aid. The Lumos Foundation is raising money to help children trapped in orphanages in Ukraine. It provides emergency food, hygiene and medical kits to families affected.

Other organisations you can donate to can be found in the links below under ‘Sources of information about how you can help’.


 Sources of information about how you can help


Other ways to donate

Food and clothing are not currently needed as donations because of the logistics in sorting and distributing and unwanted items building up. If you would rather donate items than money, the following are examples of what would be helpful: sanitary pads, baby wipes, shower gel, first aid kits, head torches and power banks.

However, you will need to find organisations who are collecting physical donations who will have a list of most needed items; these are likely to be small local groups and places of worship in your local area. Use your local connections and networks or search social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as searching local press. It’s better to contact organisations first, before you start to put things together for them. See below for some local groups collecting items.

There are other options of giving too. One example is doing your normal shopping at selected retailers through easyfundraising. When you make a purchase, the retailer gives a small donation (e.g. 1% of the amount you spend) to your chosen charity (in this case British-Ukrainian Aid). For 6 months, easyfundraising will double that donation.

You could host a #CookForUkraine supper club or bakesale and donate any monies raised through the #CookForUkraine justgiving page. Monies donated go to Unicef UK. Register your interest in volunteering for this initiative to raise awareness and funds by cooking traditional Ukrainian dishes.


Information about local groups showing support

  • For Ukraine a new support group has emerged in Brighton and Hove bringing together Ukrainians and supporters of Ukraine to 1) collect items and raise funds to purchase essential military, medical and humanitarian aid 2) support Ukrainian refugees arriving in Brighton and Hove – and those such as host families and support services who will be essential to meeting their needs 3) fly the flag for all things Ukrainian. They are collecting items to go straight to Ukraine via the Ukrainian social club in London. If you know of any company, church, pub etc that would be prepared to act as a collection point please let them know
  • The Network for International Women are working with For Ukraine to run drop-in sessions for Ukrainian refugees at All Saints Church in Hove. Ukrainian refugees, host families or other groups and services who could provide urgent support to Ukrainian refugees in the City who may wish to attend or link with these drop ins can contact Graham Allen on to find out more.
  • Brighton and Hove Faith in Action and Brighton Elim (the Pastor of Brighton Elim will be working on the Polish border for a week providing provisions to people for their onward journeys. Contact Rik Child for details on how to donate)
  • Brighton and Hove Sanctuary on Sea directory of support for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants
  • Community Base are acting as a collection point for physical items, email them for wanted items
  • Computers for Charities is asking for survival boxes
  • RefugEase host a digital aid shop – buy directly from their site for items to be immediately purchased and distributed on the ground
  • Stand With Ukraine Brighton & Hove fundraising event Sat 2 April 7-11pm Gather Inn pub, Hove
  • Sussex Community Foundation statement of support including a list of organisations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries who are supporting people
  • Sussex Interpreting Services ready to help refugees

Please send information to be added here to


Support to refugees

Brighton & Hove City Council Latest updates

Brighton & Hove City Council how to help refugees

Refugee resettlement in West Sussex

A Government guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK


What to do if you want to set up an organisation to help

Community Works has an advice and support service which can help you think through what you might need to do to set up an organisation. We can also advise on things like best practice in volunteer recruitment and management and help with finding volunteers. We can help you to network with other local organisations or circulate information on your behalf to our members. Get in touch by sending an email to

The Charities Commission has produced guidance for charities and trustees who are responding to the crisis about what to consider in relation to running your organisation. You may also find some useful information on the VCS Emergencies Partnership website.


The organisations mentioned above are not organisations that we can verify – you will need to do your own research before deciding to make a donation to ensure you are satisfied to do so. 

“If you would like us to add anything to this page, please email”

“If you would like us to add anything to this page, please email”

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