BlueAssist UK Ltd

Imagine not being able to ask for what you want in the shop or cafe or on public transport. Not being able to ask for help when you are lost or just want to know if the bus you are hoping to catch has gone. Imagine not being able to communicate.
If you have ever been lost in a strange country, where you don't speak the language and cannot read the signs you will know how frightening it can be. How frustrating it is not to be able to ask for help.
If you have a difficulty communicating this may not be something you can easily do. Other people may not be able to understand what you are asking for, or may think you are being rude and may even try to ignore you because they don't know how to help.
With BlueAssist we provide a simple system that allows you to ask for help, to ask for something in a shop, to tell someone what you need.

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T: 01273 906221