Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-operative

We are a community-financed social enterprise, installing renewable energy technology and giving energy-saving advice to individuals and businesses in the area. We provide a valuable and trusted service to the community enabling people to improve the energy efficiency of their premises (home or work). We also install renewable technologies on properties, which are paid for through our innovative ‘pay-as-you-save’ model. This works by us raising funding in the community in order to purchase and install the energy systems and the customer then paying back the cost of the system with the money they save on energy over a period of years. In this way, customers can buy and install renewable energy technologies and insulation materials at no upfront cost and the community owns the means to generate renewable energy through their membership of our co-operative. As we grow, we will be able to offer a 100% locally generated renewable energy tariff to residents of Brighton & Hove, insuring our community against future rises in energy prices as well as making the city a healthier and more sustainable place to live and work.

Brighton Eco Centre
39-41 Surrey Street

T: 0800 9996671