Managing Staff Remotely, 26 May and 2 June at 10am

Two 90-minute webinars and reflective assignment to help people managers encourage, support and manage staff via telephone and online methods at this difficult time. Part 2 is optional, but will help you to cement your learning from the first session.


By the end of the course the participants will:

  • Have had the opportunity to reflect on what has worked well and the challenges of managing since the Covid 19 lockdown.
  • Acknowledged that this is a very different time for performance management and developed an approach to management conversations accordingly.
  • Considered the challenges facing staff working at, or from, home.
  • Considered the role of Psychological Safety and how we can develop this for our staff at a time of existential threat.
  • Reflected on a structure for regular supervisory phone calls/online sessions to support and encourage staff.
  • Had the opportunity to implement insights and skills.
  • Become more aware of their strengths as a manager in managing remotely and what areas they may wish to develop.

How the course will be run

  • Applicants will receive a brief introductory video to help them to think about the course and how they will best use it
  • The first session will introduce the key subjects and help participants reflect on their experience
  • between-session assignment will encourage participants to notice their staff management performance and consider how this had worked well and how it can be even better
  • The second session will integrate participants’ observations, hear from others and help everyone to develop the principles of good remote management

Both sessions will run via Zoom. You will be sent a link after registration.

Who should attend?
Anyone with staff supervision responsibilities.




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Phil Jones has 20 years experience of training managers and is qualified to help people learn online. We are grateful to him for offering this course on a pro bono basis.

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