Involving and Managing Volunteers During the Covid-19 Outbreak

In addition to our Good Practice Guidance on Volunteer Management, we have also put together some information specifically relating to volunteer management in the current climate

Information from NCVO:

  1. How volunteers can make a difference
  2. Redirecting volunteers if you cannot take on any more
  3. How volunteers are affected by the lockdown
  4. Volunteers in key worker roles
  5. Volunteer expenses
  6. Paying for goods or services
  7. Data protection
  8. Recognising and reporting scams

A video on Volunteering Safely from Support Cambridgeshire 

A video to help your volunteers understand safeguarding, from Waltham Forest Local Authority

Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK have produced a range of guides for Mutual Aid Groups. Much of it will also be useful for established organisations

Guidance for Safe Food Handling for Voluntary Groups during Covid 19