Improving wellbeing, resilience and independence

Improving wellbeing, resilience and independence

We’ve been supporting the development of a social prescribing pilot project in Brighton and Hove.

Social prescribing is when health professionals refer patients to services which are not provided by doctors or nurses but in the community. It is a key way of significantly improving¬†people’s health and care, as well as reducing demand on health services.

Our recent evaluation of the project has shown that when people are referred to services in the community, their wellbeing, resilience and independence improves, and they also feel less isolated.

So far 308 people have been supported by the project, and 729 referrals to community services and activities have been made. The evaluation identified that cost savings of between £1,663-£6,205 per person has been made by the project, and 13-103 hours of time has been saved across health and social care services.

Read more about the impact of social prescribing in Brighton and Hove, and the pilot project in our interim report.

The pilot project has involved Brighton and Hove Impetus,who worked with GPs and primary care services, and, Possability People who worked with hospitals to support hospital discharges.

To find out more about this pilot project, the evaluation or our role in this work, get in touch with our Project Leader, Kaye Duerdoth, on or 01273 234023

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