Holding Effective and Inclusive Board Meetings

Many organisations are focusing time and energy on working towards recruiting a more diverse board of trustees but how much do we think about the reality when someone becomes a trustee? What happens when the board come together for meetings?

Boards are made up of passionate and committed individuals, dedicated to supporting their staff and focusing on the aims of the organisation, but do we know if our trustee meetings are inclusive?

This session has been designed to encourage reflection and share ideas so that you can be confident on what you need to do next. Attendees should be existing members of a board of trustees or management committee

The facilitator for this workshop is Tina O’Donnell. For most of her working life, Tina has volunteered and worked in the community and adult learning sectors – where the impact of power and inequality is clearly visible. Over the years, she has facilitated, participated in and volunteered on projects and activities aimed at bringing about change. Underpinning her approach lies the belief that communities who are experiencing the inequality must be active participants, at the heart of the activity because this is when meaningful change occurs, and inequality can begin to be addressed.¬†When not being with people, she enjoys birdwatching, being out in the countryside and making things.

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