Results of Health and Wellbeing Board VCS Reps Elections 2021

We’re delighted to announce that Joanna Martindale from Hangleton & Knoll Project and Tom Lambert from The Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove have just been elected by Community Works Reps as VCS representatives on the Health and Wellbeing Board in Brighton and Hove.

The others who put themselves forward to act as Reps form a panel of reserve members who may contribute their knowledge in advance of meetings for the Reps to draw upon and attend in lieu if the Reps are unable to attend a meeting. The panel of reserve members include:

  • Caroline Ridley (Impact Initiatives)
  • Geraldine Des Moulins (Possability People)
  • Gray Hutchins (Clare Project)
  • Mark Strong (Brighton Bike hub)
  • Nora Mzaoui (Wellsbourne Healthcare CIC)
  • Val Cane (Working 50+)

The Health and Wellbeing Board is responsible for the co-ordinated delivery of services across adult social care and public health. This includes decision making in relation to adult social care and health services. The HWB created two seats for the VCS reflecting the importance of the sector locally, both as providers of health and care services and as champions for particular groups, including disadvantaged communities. These will be non-voting seats. However, it is anticipated that the Board will make all or the great majority of decisions by consensus, with the full participation of all members, rather than by voting. For more details see:  Health and Wellbeing Board in Brighton and Hove Terms of Reference

If there any issues you would like them to raise on behalf of your organisation and communities you support please email Magda Pasiut

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