Governance Network 5 October 2017 (AW)

‘Legal Structures for Small Organisations’

The purpose of this network is to share learning and good practice. Our speaker on the 5 October was:

Led by Tim Smith of GSFW Solicitors, this session will provide the opportunity to learn more about the Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) structure, including the differences between a CIO and a Community Interest Company (CIC). It will cover:

  • what is a CIO and the requirements
  • the main reasons for choosing a CIO structure
  • reasons not to chose a CIO structure
  • association ‘v’ foundation model
  • how to go about setting up a CIO and demonstrating your charitable objectives effectively
  • what the challenges of adopting a CIO structure are
  • the process for converting to a CIO from another structure eg CIC
  • the differences between a CIO and CIC

You can download all the handouts below:

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