Tom – Mentor

Tom – Mentor

Before becoming a mentor, Tom was previously a mentee with our mentoring programme. After he completed the programme, he realised that he had the skills to become a mentor and support others at a time when they needed it.

“My career has always been about coaching and helping others, in one way or another. Being a mentor felt like a wonderful way to continue doing that, and learn some new things along the way.”

“Being a mentor is all about listening. You’re there to ask questions, offer reflections and share ideas, but you can’t do that without listening first. Your role is to be independent, one step removed, neutral but at the same time, caring, supportive and non-judgmental.”

Tom sees his time as a mentor as a journey, as it took him in directions he didn’t expect. He helped his mentees with a whole range of topics such as career progression, management, office politics and funding. Tom even helped his mentees with more personal aspects of business such as planning for maternity leave, managing relationships with trustees and running a voluntary community group.

As a mentor, Tom has been able to act as a sounding board and help his mentees find the answers themselves.

“Mentees bring a wealth of experience and knowledge with them, so you get to learn lots of new things. Through being a mentor, I’ve discovered parts of Brighton and Hove I didn’t know and got to meet some amazing people too.”

“A few years ago, I found myself at a point in my life and career where I had a lot of questions which I was struggling with. The answers to those questions were already within me, I just couldn’t see them. That’s the beauty of mentoring. You are there to help someone find the answer, not find it for them.”

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