Tina – mentor

Tina – mentor

Tina O’Donnell has experienced our mentoring programme from both sides. She felt that she gained a lot from her experience as a mentee and consequently decided to step forward as a mentor.

“I recognised that my experience and skills could be useful in a mentoring setting and saw it as a personal development opportunity. I was also aware, when I was a mentee, of the lack of BAME women mentoring (and being mentees too).”

During her time as a mentor Tina has been able to assist mentees with reflection skills, improving their confidence levels, and goal setting.

“Mentoring is a great way of reflecting on practice with an objective person – not another work colleague, a manager or a partner who has another role. Someone who is there solely to mentor you. It can also be a way to develop confidence, try out techniques and simply offload.”

“Being a mentor involves asking exploratory questions to find out more about your mentee and what they want to get out of the programme. Most importantly, it involves acting as a sounding board: actively listening and not jumping in with a solution.”

It’s not just the mentee that benefits from these partnerships, Tina has found that the time she spends with her mentee, focusing on them and their issues, gives her mind a much-needed break from her own work and enables her to return to work refreshed.

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