Tina – Mentor

Tina – Mentor

Tina has previously been a mentee and mentor before volunteering with our mentoring programme this time around and she found both roles enjoyable and beneficial to her work.

As a mentor, Tina held monthly meetings with her mentees to discuss work-related goals and issues and would share useful resources to guide her mentees research.
During her time as a mentor, Tina has helped her mentees develop management and leadership skills, access training and development opportunities, join networks and build self-confidence.

Tina has enjoyed her role as a mentor as: “I’ve been able to reflect on my strengths and areas for development. I liked getting to know the mentee.”

Tina believes that mentoring is mutually beneficial as: “It’s a practical and person-centred way of developing skills. It’s a great way to bounce ideas and gather feedback – and it’s outside the working environment.”

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