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Stronger patient participation groups

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) ensure patients’ voices are heard and used to develop health services, particularly in GP surgeries.

Since 2014, we’ve been funded by the Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group to work with the Trust of Developing Communities, the Hangleton and Knoll project, and Due East, to support PPGs in Brighton & Hove to grow and to develop. Together, we’ve supported PPGs to:

  • gather the views of patients
  • make a difference to people’s health
  • grow and develop as groups
  • connect with other PPGs in the city


Gathering patients views

As a result of our support, 304 people are involved in their local PPG and 323 people are part of an online PPG. 1,822 people are in contact with their PPG in some way, which represents 0.7% of the city’s population from the 2011 census. It’s a sizable community which wasn’t active before our support.


Making a difference

PPGs have already made a difference to their local community and the patients that they’ve worked with. So far, they’ve:

  • run 10 community events focused on healthy living. The events involved over 500 people and included a range of activities, information, advice and guidance on health. We estimate that at least a fifth of those attending the events will have increased their ability to manage their own health conditions
  • helped increase awareness of activities available to patients in the local community, so helping them to keep well and prevent ill-health
  • improved access to GP surgeries for patients by developing local solutions to accessibility, appointments, transport or parking issues at their surgery


Growing and developing

In 2017 we asked local PPGs about the impact of our support. 78% said our support had been very helpful or helpful, particularly around planning their community events and PPG meetings, giving them access to useful documentation, helping them to connect with a wider range of people, and helping them to set their group up in the first place.

17 PPGs received a small grant from us which they used to either deliver activities or to achieve a goal, such as producing publicity about their PPG, running an event, or reaching out to other patients at their surgery or in the local community.



As a result of our support, 90% of PPGs are now involved in and regularly attending the citywide PPG Network. This compares with just 30% in 2014 before we began our work.

The PPG Network is one of the main ways the Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group engages with patients and shares information about and gets feedback on local health services. The PPG Network has helped the Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group to meet good practice in engaging with patients.


Need help?

If you’re part of a PPG find out more about how we can support your group to grow and to develop.

If your PPG is led by a team of volunteers and is based in Brighton, Hove, Adur or Worthing, then your group can apply to join us as a member. Four PPGs already have. By being a member, you’ll benefit from prioritised and discounted access to our services.

If you work in the public sector we can support you to collaborate and work in partnership with local communities in Brighton, Hove, Adur and Worthing. To find out more get in touch with our Partnerships Manager, Laura Williams on or 01273 234025


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