Nia – Mentee 2021

Nia – Mentee 2021

Nia Wildblood is the Social Prescribing Operational Lead for Together Co. She joined our mentoring programme as a mentee to develop a deeper understanding of her leadership goals and how these linked with her existing skills and experience.

During her time as a mentee, Nia committed to regularly setting time aside for reflection and learning: “You need to stay open to feedback and be willing to open up about your work challenges.”

Nia felt well supported by her mentor and appreciated having a neutral space to work through some of the challenges she faced in her role.

“My mentor was flexible in their approach and allowed me to fit the themes of the sessions around what had come up for me since we last met – this was very much appreciated as there was a lot of rapid change ongoing throughout my time with the programme.”

Nia believed that she has benefitted from the mentoring programme as: “My organisation now has a more confident leader who has improved their knowledge of group dynamics and how to manage change.”

“I hope that this also means the frontline staff feel listened to and supported so that they can continue to confidently provide our clients with an excellent service.”


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