Mike – Mentor

Mike – Mentor

Mike became a mentor with our mentoring programme because he was keen to use his management experience to help local voluntary organisations and the managers working in them.

As a mentor, Mike attended an initial training event and a video matching process that involved meeting potential mentees. After this, he held monthly hour-long video calls with his chosen mentee.

These sessions allowed Mike and his mentee to explore a range of topics such as organisational change, strategy and managing workload. The sessions also involved discussions and guidance on careers and specialised management. Mike was able to provide his mentee with general support on personal and professional development.
“I’ve met some really inspiring people and feel I’ve played a very small part in helping them think through issues that are important to them which in turn, has helped with their development.”

Mike believes that mentoring is beneficial as it: “provides the mentee with a confidential and experienced ‘sounding board’ to discuss and talk through issues.”

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