Maggie – mentee

Maggie – mentee

Maggie Gordon-Walker is director of Livestock, a community development and education charity that offers peer-led support, primarily for mothers, through creative workshops and events.

She joined our mentoring programme as a mentee on the suggestion of her co-director. “With a background in the arts rather than business, I had evolved into leading an organisation without being fully aware of the responsibilities and thought it would be beneficial to understand my leadership style, strengths and weaknesses, in order to better lead our charity”.

After the initial matching session where she was matched with a suitable mentor, Maggie had nine meetings with her mentor over the course of a year.

“Right from the start I felt inspired and motivated by my wonderful mentor. My mind typically runs at a hundred miles a minute and my mentor sometimes looked exhausted by my incessant gabble! However, she helped me to focus on what was important, and identify key tasks and priorities, both for the short and longer term. In addition, she was warm, encouraging and supportive and took pride in my achievements.”

“With her guidance, I was able to let go of some of my outmoded ways of working and the belief that I needed to do everything. She gave me the confidence to entrust my team with more responsibility, which has resulted in freeing up more of my time to develop our work further. It was a hugely beneficial process and I feel grateful that I was able to be involved.”

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