Karen – Mentee 2021

Karen – Mentee 2021

Karen Gordon is a residential manager for Turning Tides. She joined our mentoring programme as a mentee on the recommendation of her line manager.

As a mentee, Karen attended regular meetings with her mentor, spending time on her professional development: “It gave me the space and time to concentrate on the areas of development that mattered to me.”

Since taking part in our mentoring programme, Karen’s confidence has increased significantly as it allowed her to reflect on her tasks and achievements in her role.
“I benefited because it was space for me just to concentrate on me and my professional development. The mentor was skilled at increasing my confidence and pointing out positives to the work I do.”

Karen believes that her organisation will benefit from her time on the mentoring programme as she now practices positive reflection within her role.
“I think it is particularly beneficial as it is provided by those outside the organisation I work for.”

Karen believes that the one-to-one setting of the mentoring programme is particularly helpful as it means that the session time is more tailored to the mentee’s specific needs.


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