Jenny – Mentor

Jenny – Mentor

Jenny joined our mentoring programme to support the sector and its leaders during a very difficult year, due to the global pandemic. She was also eager for the opportunity to utilise her skills and keep them ‘fresh’.

During her time as a mentor, Jenny held a 1.5-hour long video call with her mentees every month where they explored different management techniques. Here, each party was responsible for their note keeping and learning.

These meetings involved prioritising and recognising achievements through constant change. Jenny achieved this, by asking her mentees to record their achievements and the challenges they faced each week and at the end of each month, which they would reflect on and discuss.

“I find mentoring very enjoyable and rewarding, I also learn new things and got a lot out of the mentor sessions where we could share our learning and improve our skills.”
“Mentoring is VERY beneficial at giving a person time to be reflective and plan, working with someone outside of the organisation also brings a fresh pair of eyes to situations and can help the reflection and planning process.”

“We have many very talented people in Brighton and Hove with a wealth of experience and mentoring helps share that knowledge and enables us to learn and grow together through a respectful trusted relationship.”

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