Ivan – Mentor

Ivan – Mentor

Ivan became a mentor with our mentoring programme through his previous employer’s support of Community Works. He believes in the value of mentoring leaders in any sector, as an external mentor can provide helpful solutions and support to a challenging and sometimes lonely role.

“I have lived all my life in Brighton and I especially enjoy giving something back to organisations who are helping the most vulnerable people in our community.”
During his time as a mentor, Ivan regularly met with his mentees to ask questions, listen, be supportive and help the mentees achieve their goals from the programme. He believes that: “Being virtual didn’t stop the value of the programme, or the ability to build relationships.”

Ivan has been able to support leaders with a wide range of needs such as: “developing future strategy, managing operations, employee and volunteer management, work/life balance and financial acumen and fundraising approaches.”

“I get a huge amount back from mentoring – meeting new and interesting people, learning more about the various charitable and volunteer organisations in the city, and seeing the positive difference that a mentoring relationship can bring to mentees.”

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