Annette – mentor

Annette – mentor

Annette Kidd has been a mentor for our mentoring programme for over six years. As a Senior Manager in Health, Social Care, and the voluntary sector she has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she felt, if shared, could benefit others. She has mentored leaders from a variety of charity organisations, each with a different reason for becoming a mentee.

“Each mentee came with a different aim for the mentoring relationship, ranging from organisational development to personal development and work / life balance. Over the years I have helped mentees deal with challenges such as tender applications, organisational restructuring, funding issues, setting up new services and staffing issues.”

“Often, meeting with me was the first opportunity to have someone listen to their ideas and concerns. We would agree the purpose of the mentoring relationship and identify objectives, and then work towards meeting them. These aims would often be fine-tuned as the relationship developed.”

“I feel mentoring is really beneficial because it’s a safe space to discuss ideas and strategies with someone who will listen to you and just you. It’s completely confidential, un-biased and independent and over time you build up an invaluable relationship of trust.  Plus, you can still have a laugh which is always good for the soul!”

As a mentor, Annette has found it “extremely satisfying to watch someone grow in confidence and use this to develop their organisation.”

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