Alison – Mentee 2021

Alison – Mentee 2021

Alison is the Executive Director for Blatchington Course Trust. She believed that she would benefit from receiving professional mentoring after it was suggested by one of her organisation’s Trustees in 2019. She discovered our mentoring programme and decided that this was the most appealing option due to the location, and was delighted when her application was accepted.

Alison had her first meeting with her mentor, Jen in November 2020 and continued to meet every month over Zoom. “Our meetings generally took place on a Friday afternoon which meant I had 2 hours where I did not need to think about anything or anyone else but could just focus on my own thoughts, ideas and concerns.”

During these meetings, they covered a range of topics such as defining strategic thinking and working strategically, and how they can be applied in Alison’s director role. Her mentor also helped her explore her feelings and worries about delegating tasks to other staff members.

“I can honestly say that as a result of Jen’s support, I now feel more comfortable with the whole area of delegation which I have found works well and provides other staff members with a feeling of increased trust and job satisfaction.”

“Throughout my 6 months of mentoring, I learnt a great deal about myself and also the way in which our organisation operates and has continued to do so for years, which has created a culture which in parts, has had a significant impact on the services we deliver.”

Alison believes that she has benefitted from the mentoring programme as she now feels happier and more confident in her role.

“I think this is a wonderful service offered by Community Works and I will be encouraging one of our managers to apply for the start of the next programme.”

“Thank you, Community Works, for the mentoring programme and all the information, advice, services and training you continue to offer to local charities.”


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