Be a mentor

Be a mentor

We connect businesses and professionals with charities and causes.

We help you to give your skills for free, by matching you with people that would benefit.

One way we do this is by matching you with a charity worker or volunteer in Brighton, Hove, Adur or Worthing, who needs someone experienced to help them to tackle a challenging issue that they’re facing.

You get to volunteer your time and share your skills and experience by being their mentor, and they get the one-to-one support they need to solve the issue that they’re facing.

Our NCVO approved mentoring programme is a great way for you to get involved in our local community. Watch our film to hear from participants about their experiences of taking part.


The impact of our matches

In the last seven years, we’ve matched our volunteer mentors with 140 charity workers and volunteers. Their time and expertise has been worth an equivalent of over £145,000.

The support given by our volunteer mentors has had a huge impact on the people they’ve mentored. It has enabled them to successfully solve the challenges they were facing, which they might not have been able to do otherwise.

Those that have benefited from having a mentor have told us about the difference it has made for them:

“We have been through a lot of change as an organisation and I have been provided with support from various places. I got the best value and support from my mentor and this mentoring programme.”

“The one-to-one support with my mentor and meeting other mentees through this mentoring programme has been some of the most useful support I’ve received.”


Who's involved

We’ve a whole range of people who’re involved in our mentoring programme as volunteer mentors. They come from all walks of life and come from lots of different backgrounds.

Some of them are retired, and using the programme as an opportunity to give something back and to stay in touch with what’s happening locally. Others are actively working but looking to give something back in their own time, and to also benefit personally from being involved in the programme.

We’ve people involved who’ve worked for local or national businesses, who’ve worked in the public sector, as well as other charity leaders who’re keen to support the development of others who’re  working in our local charity sector.

“The opportunity has been incredibly rewarding for me on a personal and professional level in terms of developing my own mentoring and coaching skills, but it’s also been invaluable in terms of gaining a greater insight into the immense value the third sector contributes locally.”


How to apply

We will next be recruiting volunteer mentors in September 2021. If you would like to be placed on a list to be contacted when we open recruitment, please email the address below.

Find out more

Watch our video to hear people talking about the programme or read the case studies on the right hand side of this page.

If you have any more queries, get in touch with us on



A huge thank you

This programme is delivered by people who believe in the power of mentoring and who want to see our sector thrive. We have a dedicated team of volunteer mentors, who give their time and expertise willingly and freely. There are mentors who go the extra mile by volunteering to support behind the scenes too.

Because of everyone’s commitment and contributions, we provide our mentoring programme to an approved standard.