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Agile Business Planning, Tuesday 13 October

The last six months have been extraordinary, with a global pandemic, lockdown and transitions to easing of lockdown, service interruption, loss of funding and in some cases new funding. Turbulent times call for different approaches to strategy and business processes and agility has become increasingly popular. This session will examine a practical approach to agile strategy and scenario planning.

Join Robert Foster of the Red Ochre team to explore the pros and cons and look at examples of successful implementation, even under current circumstances.


  • A brief recap of strategic planning, and implementation (development, action or business plan)
  • Understanding the current social and operational context
  • What is scenario planning? The best case, worst case, and most probable scenario
  • An introduction to some practical strategic planning tools

Date: Tuesday 13 October 2020
Time: 10:00 am-12:30 pm
Venue: online via Zoom
For more information, costs and to book: via eventbrite

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