Support services network

We’ve collaborated with organisations which provide support services to voluntary and community organisations for many years.

Following a project in 2011-2013 to modernise local support services, we set up a new support services network. The network has built on learning gathered from the project.

Members of the network are working together to improve support services and to be clear on what services are offered and how they can help voluntary and community organisations.


Support services principles

Members of the network all follow the same principles:

  • communication and collaboration: to be open and honest, and have ongoing dialogue with each other in order to find the best solution and ensure the best quality of support for you
  • clear expectations: to give clear information on the type of support they offer, who can access it and who else might be able to help if they can’t
  • getting organisations and groups to the right place: with your permission, to share information with other support services to find the best service for you
  • confidentiality: to ensure they’re meeting statutory requirements and implementing good practice in how they handle data and information
  • improving services: to review support given to local organisations, to share learning and practice, and to plan for future activity
  • accessibility: to make services as accessible as possible


Membership of the network

Members of the network are: