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What is a Caseworker volunteer?

A Caseworker is someone who carries out welfare work for the Royal Air Forces Association. Welfare work is about listening to an individual and assessing their needs to find out how the Association can provide help and support to them. Support can include anything from helping put a beneficiary with a disability in touch with social services, so they can apply for funding for a wet room, to something as simple as filling in a form to get a new fridge, for a beneficiary who cannot afford to replace their broken one. It could also be informing beneficiaries of the holiday breaks the Association offers, in one of its three Wings Break hotels.

Caseworkers may also need to gather complex information on beneficiaries to help with applications for care home fees or similar and this can involve providing clear and precise information on finances and correspondences. Caseworkers work with 'beneficiaries', who are members of the RAF family.

In summary, Caseworker volunteers are put in touch with members of the RAF family (beneficiaries) who need our support and are then responsible for arranging visits with those individual beneficiaries and assessing where support is needed, through asking pertinent questions and listening to beneficiaries' responses. Caseworkers then submit verbal and written reports to their AWO who will work together with the volunteer to ensure a successful outcome for the beneficiary.

In summary, a Caseworker will:

- Visit potential beneficiaries, listen to their concerns and assess their needs

- Identify areas of support and make referrals to partner agencies as required

- Record visits and maintain good records of activities, recommendations and actions

- Record requests for financial assistance via the Content Management System (CMS)

- Undertake follow up visits as required

- Provide regular updates to the AWO

- Complete monthly returns cataloguing their activity.


The RAF Association is a member-led, welfare charity that exists to ensure that all members of the RAF family are supported, when they require it. The Caseworker's role is at the heart of this charity objective and volunteers undertaking this role will be helping us to deliver this support to the RAF family.

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