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We are actively seeking people who would be interested in serving in the management of the Whiteway Centre which is run as a charity entirely by volunteers. The Centre runs many courses covering a range of subjects including history, languages, current affairs, music, art and crafts etc.

There is a current need for two or more roles on the committee to be filled :

1) Treasurer. The duties of the role would be:

• Oversee the financial affairs of Rottingdean Whiteway Centre and ensure they are legal, constitutional and comply with good financial practice.

• Ensure that clear records are kept and that effective procedures are in place.

• Monitor and report on the financial health of the organisation.

• Oversee the production of necessary financial reports and accounts and returns

2) Buildings Officer. For this role we would like a volunteer with some experience of building maintenance in order to help set direction for maintaining and improving the building infrastructure.

Other than these specific roles we would welcome assistance from any public spirited individual prepared to give of their time to assist the community. Typically these roles may appeal to those recently retired or about to retire.


A willingness to be a team player working with the other committee members to ensure the Centre fulfils its goal of being a key asset to the local community.

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Rottingdean Whiteway Centre

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  • Arts, Heritage and Entertainment
  • Crime, Victims and Offenders
  • Employment, Education and Training
  • Families and Parenting
  • Health and Social Care
  • Older People


  • Administration and Office
  • Computers, IT and Websites
  • Marketing and Media


  • Disabled Access
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Expenses
  • Health and Safety
  • Induction
  • Insurance Cover for Volunteers
  • Training


When: 08/11/2017 - 09/05/2018


Benefits to the volunteer

Benefits to the volunteer

1. A chance to serve the community.

2. Meeting many new friends and contacts from the customers and colleagues at the centre, and developing interpersonal skills.

3. Developing new skills by assisting the other team members and eventually taking a lead role in a particular aspect of management of the Centre.

Practical considerations

Practical considerations

It is likely that successful volunteers will live reasonably close to Rottingdean as visiting the Centre frequently may be required. There are good bus services to Rottingdean and parking is available at the Centre. The Committee holds a regular monthly meeting in the evening. This role is likely to be suited to individuals who are retired from full time employment.


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