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Daybreak Family Group Conferences

Daybreak provides Family Group Conferences which bring together families and service providers. It enables families to make plans for the health and well being of their children. Referrals come from Childrens Services at the Council.

Deans Youth Project

To help and educate young people through their leisure time activities so as to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities so that they grow as individuals and their conditions of life may be improved.

Dialogue Society

The Dialogue Society is a registered charity with the aim of advancing social cohesion by connecting communities, empowering people to engage and contributing to the development of ideas on dialogue and community building.

Dialogue Theraputic and Family Services

Schools-based counselling service in 53 of the City's schools accessible by Reception through to Y13. Community based counselling service for 13-25 year olds. Online counselling for 13-25 year olds. Family support services attached to Longhill and Patcham High Schools.

Ditch the Label

We are an anti-bullying charity working to reduce the prominence and effects of bullying and hate crime in young people aged 13 - 25. We provide innovative advice, support and intervention programs to benefit those impacted by bullying.

Ditchling Museum

Ditchling Museum offers people of all ages and abilities the opprotunity to access its collection through workshops and participatory outreach project led by professional artists. Activities aim to encourage creativity and to develop practical skills.

Ditchling Rise Area Residents Association

Activities of the Association: to seek to improve conditions for residents, to represent and promote the interests of all tenants and residents in the area, to work for improvements to homes, services and local environment, to work in partnership with other agencies to achieve the aims of the Association.

Djambass Music

Promotes cross-cultural understanding, acceptance and exchange through music and dance, African and Euro performance and workshops.